Curtains perfectly fitting to "The One" in Brisbane

By Caxell   2018-10-25

'The One' is a new developement coming to Brisbane City, comprising of three ultra modern glass towers, with one rising to the peak of 82 levels or 274m AHD. Caxell's curtains perfectly fit "The one", the exhibition hall is 8 meters wide and has a large glass curtain wall. The curtains should be thin and transparent. We realized it, showing the style inside the exhibition hall, with our thin purple curtain with the theme of deep purple and blue cherry. The shape of the water ripples is perfect! When you go to Brisbane to buy apartments in this tallest building, don't forget to take a look at Caxell's curtains!

  • CherryTea   2018-10-26
    LoL, looks like dressing of some female celebrities
  • Shannon   2018-10-26
    Ya! Isn't it beautiful?
  • Sam   2019-03-17
    Good job, Caxell!
  • Greg   2019-03-17
    Very good curtains!